Rhodes Scholarship

Rhodes Scholarship

One of the most highly regarded scholarships in the world, the Rhodes Scholarship was established in 1902 in accordance to the will of Cecil John Rhodes. Rhodes was a British politician and businessman who really made his mark in South Africa where he helped establish DeBeers mining company and later served as the Prime Minister of  Cape Colony. Many historians consider Cecil John Rhodes to be one of the most important figures in colonial South Africa. He attended Oxford University and upon his death Rhodes’ will created the scholarship in his name to help non-British scholars attend the prestigious British university. The scholarship was specifically set up for students in British colonies, the United States, and Germany. Rhodes believed that by establishing his scholarship he could help prepare a workforce that would help maintain the unity of the British Empire and instill education and good values in the colonies. Students from the United States and Germany were chosen because Rhodes felt that the three nations would help secure peace in the world. While Rhodes’ ideas that his scholarship would help bring the entire “uncivilized” world under British rule as well as to return the United States to Britain were certainly misguided, his scholarship has proven remarkably beneficial and has been awarded to several notable figures over its more than 100 years of existence. A list of former Rhodes Scholars includes Bill Clinton, Wasim Sajjad, Malcolm Turnbull, Ashton Carter, Susan Rice, Tony Abbott, Bob Hawke, and several others.

The Rhodes Scholarship annually selects 32 students from the United States to become Rhodes Scholars. These students are afforded post-graduate study at the prestigious Oxford University as well as the honor of forever being remembered as a Rhodes Scholar. Students are chosen based on academic performance, a proven history of leadership, and a demonstrated history of working towards the common good and community involvement. The deadline of applying for a Rhodes Scholarship is June 2nd. In 2016 there were 869 applicants out of which 32 were selected. Hopeful Rhodes Scholars must be between the ages of 18 and 24 and a legal U.S. citizen as well as academically advanced enough to have received a bachelor’s degree by October. Additionally, an endorsement from the student’s college or university, five letters of recommendation at least four of which must be from undergraduate instructors and one that attests to the applicant’s character, a personal statement of less than 1,000 words, a list of relevant activities, a passport sized photo, and an official transcript. Students who advance in the selection process must then be available for a reception and interview as well as for an election announcement and potential re-interviews on the Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving. Students selected as Rhodes Scholars are notified the Saturday before Thanksgiving when they will also be told where to go to attend their local election announcement. Winners receive a full tuition to post-graduate study at Oxford University and although many of the most notable former Rhodes Scholars have been politicians the scholarship is available for other fields of study as well.

George Marshall Scholarship

Marshall Scholarship

George Marshall, Jr., the Nobel Peace Prize Recipient of 1953, was a top ranking statesman, highly decorated American Army General during WW II and often thought of as the most respected solider in American History only after George Washington.  Marshall began his military career as a student at the Virginia Military Institute. When he graduated in 1902 he enlisted in the U.S, Army where, as a result of WWI, he trained in modern warfare and was quickly promoted to planner of training and operations. This experience propelled him into a top position of planner and writer at the Department of War between the periods of WWI and WWII. Between 1917 and 1924, Marshall worked his way through various ranks and positions, several of which were teaching modern warfare until 1939 when he was appointed as the Army chief of staff by Franklin Roosevelt. During this period, Marshall lead the reorganization of the U.S. Army in preparation for war. After WW II, in 1945, Marshall left active duty and became Secretary of State for two years during which he helped design the Marshall Plan— a reorganizational strategy for rebuilding post-war Europe— for which he won the afore mentioned Nobel Peace Prize.

Marshall Scholarships are reserved for forty American postgraduate students planning to pursue a Master’s degree at an educational institution in the UK. Scholars must be leaders in their chosen field and in the world around them by extending their expertise from the classroom to communities though participating in activities that promote the betterment of Britain’s academic institutions in the areas of science, technology, the humanities and social sciences. Qualifying applicants must be an American Citizen who has earned a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 3.7 GPA in any program of study from an accredited 4 year American institution. There are two scholarships available. The One Year Marshall Scholarship which cannot be extended and for which the application must be completed by October of the year before the program of study commences. The Two Year Marshall Scholarship is extendable by one year only. Extensions are granted by the Scholarship Commission for very limited and sound academic reasons. Applications are submitted regionally in the U.S. where the applicant maintains primary residency and must be done also in October of the year before attendance. More information about the Marshall Scholarships can be found here.

Boren Scholarship

Boren Scholarship

The David L. Boren Scholarship is part of the National Security Education Program, or NESP, which was set up in order to help the national security of the United States by preparing a workforce that will be well-trained to interact with foreign cultures and understand foreign languages. The NESP is made up of nine different initiatives: the Boren Scholarship, the Boren Fellowship, the Language Flagship, English for Heritage Language Speakers, the National Language Service Corps, Project Global Officer, the African Language Initiative, the Pilot Flagship/ ROTC Initiative, and Language Training Centers. All of these initiatives provide tuition assistance to students who will then graduate college prepared to join the workforce in possession of foreign language and international diplomacy skills. Recently, the National Security Education Program merged with the Defense Language Office to form the new Defense Language and National Security Education Office. The National Security Education Board (NESB) is a panel consisting of 13 members that evaluates students and then awards merit-based NESP scholarships for the most academically successful and career-minded applicants. Specifically, the David L. Boren Scholarship targets students who, in addition to showing a commitment to academics, have an interest and experience in public service. Students receiving a Boren Scholarship commit to spending at least one year following graduation working in a national security position and study a foreign language that is not commonly taught or studied at universities but is vital to U.S. interests in other parts of the world that are not typically a part of study abroad programs.

The Boren Scholarship is set up to focus on areas of the world that are deemed critical to the United States’ national security, including the Middle East, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Eurasia. Students participating in the program are strongly encouraged to study abroad in one of these areas for two semesters and are placed in cultural and linguistic immersion programs to aid in their education. If selected for the Boren Scholarship, students may receive up to $20,000 a year for tuition or up to $10,000 for a semester. STEM students can also receive up to $8,000 for participating in a summer program. The deadline to apply for a Boren Scholarship is usually in early February with the application released in August. Applicants must submit transcripts from all colleges or universities they have attended and select a study abroad program. The most important part of the application process is the writing of two essays, one explaining how the country or language chosen is important to national security as well as explaining how the chosen language will help in the achievement of career goals, and the other describing the study abroad program and any experience with the language or culture that the student has. Two letters of recommendation are also required, as is an online language self-assessment of every language the student speaks. Students are encouraged to find their campus representative to discuss the date of the university’s on-campus deadline.

Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships for International Students

Studying abroad is the opportunity of a lifetime that no doubt comes with many benefits other than the experience of a new and unique school. Students who have the chance to study abroad not only get to take courses at an international university, but they also get to submerse themselves in that country’s culture, languages, climate, and atmosphere. Students find themselves learning as much outside of the classroom as they within the classroom walls. With all of the benefits, it’s no wonder that studying abroad is the dream of many.

However, being able to be an international student is not cheap. It is expensive to be able to travel to another country and take courses there, but this dream is not impossible. There are many scholarships available to adventurous international students who wish to not only advance their educations but who want to increase their global citizenship, as well. The following are just a few of these types of scholarships that are available to international students.

Scholarship at The Warwick International Foundation Programmes

Recognized as one of the United Kingdom’s leading universities, The Warwick is acknowledged for its excellent reputation in research, teaching, and innovation. It offers one of the longest-running International Foundation Programmes and attracts students from over 40 different countries worldwide. It is a privilege to be accepted to this well-known and prestigious university.  These scholarship opportunities keep financial burdens from holding ambitious students back. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, students must be studying in the field of Sociology, Science, Economics, Mathematics, Law & Legal Studies, Engineering, or Business. There are five of these scholarships available at £2,000 each.  Despite there being five scholarships, this opportunity is a high profile and competitive award.

Invensis Learning Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Award

Invensis Learning is a professional training institute that is globally accredited and recognized. It is an organization that highly values the skills and character set of entrepreneurs, and they believe entrepreneurship plays a huge role in improving the global economy. The Invensis Learning Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Award is meant to encourage young thinkers to continue on this path of learning in the field of Technology, Engineering, Education, or Computer and Information Systems. In order to be eligible, students must be enrolled in a university in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia, and they are preferably in one of the mentioned fields of study.  Winners of the award can get $500 towards their international education.

Milwaukee School of Engineering International Scholarship

The Milwaukee School of Engineering is a proud sponsor of this scholarship which is a large sum that covers one third of an international student’s college tuition. This award stays in effect throughout the entire course of their undergraduate studies. Students must be enrolled full-time and maintain adequate academic standing and progress. The MSOE International Scholarship is awarded to students in varying fields, including Nursing, Mathematics, Marketing, Computer Systems, Business, and Architecture.  Those who receive this award get a hefty $10,000 to $14,000 towards their education.

Knights of Columbus Scholarships

Knights of Columbus Scholarship

The Knights of Columbus is a well-known organization that has been around for over 100 years and has proven that it can withstand the test of time due to its solid mission and foundation. In 1882, Father Michael J. McGivney wanted to create a small group for men who were united in their faith and could use the group to confide in and support each other. He wanted this group to reach out to the community and provide help for Catholic families when they were struggling or during times of need. This was the beginning of the Knights of Columbus.

Today, this international organization continues to grow and consists of over 1.9 million members worldwide. They have stood by their founding principles and for over 130 years have dedicated their service to providing families with food, clothing, shelter, and financial assistance. They have also greatly assisted widows and orphans receive aid and support. By joining your local branch of the Knights of Columbus, you can help to strengthen your parish and give back to your community through volunteering and service, all while growing in your faith.

The Knights of Columbus provide scholarships for ambitious students each year that total over $1 million. While most recipients of these scholarships are children of existing Knights of Columbus members, you do not have to be a member to receive some of them.

Dr. John W. McDevitt was the eleventh supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus from 1964 to 1977. He was also the Superintendent of Schools in Massachusetts for many years. He was honored by Pope Paul VI with the Order of Pius IX which is the highest papal honor a Catholic layman can receive. After his death in 1988, the Delegates at the Supreme Council meeting established the John W. McDevitt Scholarship fund in his honor. The John W. McDevitt Scholarships are awarded annually by the Knights of Columbus to students who are United States citizens and are going to be freshmen at Catholic universities or colleges.

The applicant must also be a member in good standing with the Knights of Columbus or direct relative of said member. There are 36 awards given annually and the maximum value of this scholarship is $1,500. The applications are available after October 1st and must be sent in and received by March 1st in order to be eligible.

Lion’s Club Scholarship

Lion's Club

Lions Club International is a service organization that was founded by Melvin Jones in 1917. The LIONS acronym stands for Liberty, Intelligence, and Our Nation’s Safety, a concept that he held close to his heart and strove to create an environment that would sustain that motto. Melvin Jones’ personal code, “You can’t get very far until you start doing something for somebody else,” embodies the foundation and views of the entire organization, whose focus is on community service. The Lions Club program includes diabetes awareness, hearing and speech conservation, environmental issues, and youth outreach, to name a few.

With over 1.5 million members in more than 200 countries around the world, the Club aims to meet the needs of its local communities as well as its global citizens. The Lions Club has historically been recognized as a strong organization that has always stressed the importance of community involvement and community service. Volunteering is just one way that members and clubs achieve this; the other way they support their local families and students is through scholarship programs. As one of the largest and most well-known volunteer organizations in the country, the Lions Club offers a variety of scholarships that benefit college-bound students each year.

The Lions Club is organized at the international, national, and local levels. Most of the academic scholarships that are awarded by the organization are granted by local Lions Clubs within the community so their application process and award amount will vary depending on the location. One thing that will remain mostly constant among all chapters of Lions Clubs are the qualifications students must meet in order to be considered for a scholarship. The interested student must be a graduating senior who is planning to attend an accredited four-year college or university. Students are also required to have a minimum grade point average but, again, this specific number will vary from branch to branch.

Lions Club Scholarships typically require the application as well as an essay on the importance of community service. They also usually ask that students submit three letters of recommendation along with their essay and application that attest to their academic and community strengths. Deadlines will vary depending on the local chapter. If a student is interested in finding out more information about how to apply for a Lions Club Scholarship, the best place to look would be at their local Lions Club’s website or to contact the local chapter directly.

Kiwanis Scholarship

Kiwanis Scholarship

The Kiwanis International Foundation is a global organization whose main mission is to serve children all over the world. Founded in 1915 in Detroit, Michigan, this club began with the idea of a fraternal organization that had benefits for its members. As the number of members increased and grew, so did the ideals and mission of the Kiwanis Club. Today, the Kiwanis International Foundation can be found in 80 different nations and has members all over the world of more than 600,000. They are committed to helping Kiwanis families by creating programs that change lives far beyond the local resources of clubs and districts. Each year, members of the Kiwanis Club complete over 150,000 service projects and more than 18 million hours of volunteer service.  They raise more than $100 million and are dedicated to meeting and sustaining donors’ confidence that their investments are utilized with integrity and are distributed ethically and responsibly.

The Harry S. Himmel Scholarship was established in honor of Harry Himmel who joined Kiwanis in 1928. He proudly served in many leadership positions in various levels and was even president of the Kiwanis International Foundation for 10 years. He was known for being extremely involved in his community as well as for greatly contributing to charities and different causes. He made a huge impact on countless individuals and his friends and family wanted to honor his legacy with this scholarship. The hope is that this generous donation will be able to help young people meet and achieve their dreams. This $500 award is intended for graduating high school seniors who are active members of the Key Club International. Applications become available on February 1st and they must be mailed and postmarked by April 15th in order to be reviewed and considered.