Cognizant Accelerate Diversity Scholarship


Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp., started in 1994 as an in-house technology sector of Dun & Bradstreet, is headquartered in New Jersey. It is an American multinational corporation that has been specializing in consulting and outsourcing information technology since 1996. It’s listed on indices of both the NASDAQ 100 and the S&P 500. After many divisions, mergers,  and reorganizations Cognizant was recognized in 2015 as the world’s fourth most admired IT services company. While Cognizant is a top money-making cooperation, its involvements stretch beyond the bankroll. Cognizant’s environmental record is admirable with its sustainability taking a front seat in 2012 when Newsweek named the company 50th out of 500 on its annual green rankings. Its initiative Go Green started in 2008 concentrated on energy conservation, recycling, and responsible waste management.

Even before Go Green, Cognizant began its foray into philanthropy with its corporate social responsibility initiatives. The efforts focused on helping “underprivileged members of society gain access to quality education and healthcare financial and technical support; designing and implementing educational and healthcare improvement programs; and partnering with non-government organizations, educational institutions, healthcare institutions, government agencies, and corporations.”  Further building on the company’s grassroots philanthropic Outreach program where employees volunteer to help out at schools and orphanages, Cognizant created the Cognizant Accelerate Diversity Scholarship to provide awards to encourage diversity in technology and career in STEM-related fields of study.

The Cognizant Accelerate Diversity Scholarship is a $5,000 award available to students who are currently enrolled as a sophomore or junior at an accredited four-year college or university. Students must be majoring in Business or an STEM-related field of study with a concentration in IT business services. Applicants must be able to demonstrate their value of diversity and be a citizen or legal permanent resident of the US. Students can apply by submitting a completed application for that consists of the usual biographical information, academic profile including transcripts from all the institutions previously and currently attended. In two separate submissions, one a three-minute video and the second a 400-word essay, students must respond to prompts regarding a reflection on their personal background and what that might bring to the diversity of technology.

Another response related to strategies that could be undertaken to increase gender, racial and ethnic diversity in the tech profession. Other prompts are concerning appropriate responses to unethical/unfair treatment or witnessing withheld opportunities due to diversity issues or discussing and diverse individuals in the historical context of the tech profession and how they might have been an inspiration to the applicant. The video must be uploaded to youtube and a link provided in the video section of the application form along with a short description of it. The essay should be uploaded as a PDF to the application. All the above materials should be emailed to The scholarship deadline is March 31, 2017. You can find more information online.

American Legion Baseball Scholarship


The American Legion, the largest wartime veterans organization, was created by the United States Congress in 1919.  The Legion is dedicated to continuing a number of unique and diverse programming strains that seek to encourage nationwide patriotism, support for veterans, and impacting communities.  One of their most successful and well-known programs is the American Legion Baseball program.  This was created in 1925 as a way to encourage sportsmanship and an active lifestyle, and it has grown and expanded into a national hallmark surrounding the beloved game of baseball.

Now, the American Legion sponsors a number of baseball teams for children and teens around the country in which over 80,000 young people participate.  They also offer continued, unofficial support of Major League Baseball as many MLB players started on American Legion-sponsored teams.  Because of the Legion’s historic relationship and love for the game of baseball, the organization created the American Legion Baseball Scholarship in order to help young people to fund their collegiate dreams.  The scholarship is funded by Diamond Sports, which is also the official baseball used for all American Legion national tournaments.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants for the American Legion Baseball scholarship must be high school graduates.  Additionally, they must have a connection to American Legion Baseball, appearing both on the current American Legion National Baseball roster that is filed with the Legion headquarters as well as on an American Legion post-affiliated baseball team.  Applicants must also be nominated from a team manager or head coach of an American Legion-affiliated team.

The selection committee for the American Legion Baseball Scholarship are looking for those candidates who exemplify American Legion values of patriotism and a commitment to community service.  While applicants for the scholarship must be part of an American Legion baseball team, it is also very important that they have a history of community service and leadership and giving back in ways that can be demonstrated in their scholarship application.  In addition to community service, scholarship applicants need to provide detailed information about their involvement in high school, including all activities, leadership positions, academic success, and honors and awards. Candidates should also be able to show the selection committee that they are in financial need and that their family needs assistance in supporting their collegiate education.

Application Details

In addition to the clear eligibility requirements, candidates must submit quite a thorough application in order to apply for the scholarship.  The application must be submitted with high school transcripts as well as three letters of recommendation.  The requirements for those who can write letters of recommendation for an applicant differ from many other scholarship applications.  One recommendation must come from a leader in the candidate’s community.  This community leader could be one of the applicant’s teachers, a principal, a church leader, or someone in a similar role.  Two additional recommendations are required from those connected to the American Legion, including one from the applicant’s coach or team manager of the American Legion Baseball team in which they are participating and another recommendation from a post commander or adjutant of the American Legion itself.

The application itself also requires the applicant to answer a number of essay questions, including those about collegiate and career goals and interests, details on community service and leadership, and a demonstration of financial need.

Award Amount

Each department headquarters of the American Legion selects a winner for scholarships of at least $500.  The candidates who win these scholarships, however, are also submitted to be considered for The American Legion All-Academic Team Scholarship.  In 2016, eight of these nominated candidates received an additional $2,500 scholarship while a ninth outstanding applicant received an additional $5,000 scholarship.  Total award amounts can vary each year depending on interest and funding support, but in 2016, $22,000 in scholarship money was awarded to deserving applicants.

Application Deadline and How to Apply

The American Legion Baseball Scholarship application can be downloaded online.  The application is always due in July and scholarship award amounts are distributed to the winners at the start of the semester.


Active Service Member Scholarship


Best Online Universities is a website created by David Paul Grug that serves as a resource for potential college students about different universities and academic programs.   Managed by a team with a wealth of experience in data reporting, specifically in terms of education, the website ranks academic programs for students to weigh all of the factors related to the universities and career industries they are considering.  The company provides relevant and useful information such as the quality of student life at specific colleges and universities, job placement rate of university students after graduation, and the costs and fees of the university.  The website features a number of useful lists that feature the top 25 university programs in certain academic areas, but there is also a useful search feature that users can customize to find out more information about a program that interests them.

In addition to this very useful information, the website also allows interested users to sign up to receive weekly emails that feature incredibly helpful tips about how to succeed at college using smart study and work habits to help decrease procrastination and increase productivity.  These tips come from website founder and creator David Paul Grug who specializes in behavioral psychology with a particular emphasis on the formation of habits as it relates to work.

While the Best Online Universities website is primarily a database and excellent resource for potential college students to use, the company also funds two scholarships, one being the Active Service Member Scholarship.  As the name implies, this scholarship was created for those active service members who are simultaneously pursuing collegiate degrees.  The company offers these scholarship opportunities as a way to create more opportunities for qualified applicants to achieve their collegiate dreams without money becoming an immovable obstacle.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for the Active Service Member Scholarship are very open-ended compared to many other scholarship opportunities.  Applicants must be active service members and actively pursuing a college degree, but other than that, candidates do not need to be a specific gender, age, or in a specific academic program.  In fact, applicants to the scholarship can be either undergraduate students or postgraduate students in order to be eligible.  Applicants may also be high school students who will be incoming college students.

Application Details

Candidates interested in applying for the Active Service Member Scholarship must demonstrate proof of enrollment to the scholarship selection committee along with their standard application detailing personal information.  Details to include in the scholarship application can be found on the Best Online Universities website.  Additionally, all scholarship applicants must write an essay that they will submit alongside their application.

The essay for the scholarship application should be entitled “The Importance of a College Education.”  Candidates will need to write a 1,000-2,000-word essay full of creative and original content as well as usefulness in convincing the selection committee, and perhaps others, that college educations are valuable.  Additionally, once the candidate submits their application, the scholarship selection committee also has the right to use portions of their essay in online marketing materials for the company’s website.  As the company’s entire mission is to provide potential students the opportunity to make informed decisions about their collegiate futures, this essay is the opportunity for interested applicants to demonstrate why they, like the company, value the opportunity to pursue an education to achieve their dreams.

Award Amount

Award winners of the Active Service Member Scholarship will receive a $2,000 scholarship that will be sent directly to their college or university of choice.  The company gives this scholarship out once per year.  The scholarship award can be used for tuition or fees as well as for relevant college materials, like textbooks or supplies.

Application Deadline and How to Apply

The deadline for this scholarship is November each year.  Details about the scholarship application process can be found on the company’s website.  Interested applicants may also contact the company through a contact email found on the website.

$5,000 NEHW Women Leaders Scholarship

5,000 NEHW Women Leaders Scholarship

The Network of the Hospitality Industry (NEWH) is a networking and membership group for professionals in many different facets of the hospitality industry that seeks to further the industry as a whole through quality networking opportunities, education and professional development, and scholarships for students pursuing hospitality careers.

The nonprofit organization was founded in the 1980s by female leaders in the hospitality industry who were hoping to create a resource for education and networking to help empower and educate other females in the industry who perhaps were not receiving the same support and opportunities as their male counterparts.  The first chapter was started in Los Angeles, but the organization has since added many chapters around the world.  They currently have over 4,500 members across all of their locations.

The networking organization provides a number of scholarships to students pursuing careers in the hospitality industry, including the $5,000 NEWH Women Leaders Scholarship.  The scholarship, which is sponsored by Hospitality Media Group LLC, is designed specifically for female students hoping to grow a career in hospitality management.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for the NEWH Women Leaders Scholarship are quite rigorous.  As is obvious from the scholarship title, only women are eligible to receive this scholarship.  Additionally, this scholarship opportunity is not for incoming college students or those early in their collegiate career.  Applicants must have completed at least half of their requirements for their undergraduate degree or be enrolled in graduate programs.  This scholarship is designed to further those who can demonstrate that they are serious and committed about pursuing a career in the hospitality industry.

Additionally, like with many scholarships, all applicants for this scholarship must be able to demonstrate financial need on their application; however, the scholarship also requires applicants to demonstrate that they will have outstanding debt from their tuition or collegiate supplies at the time when they will receive the scholarship award.  Those women applying for this scholarship must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Finally, the scholarship requires that the recipient be eligible to attend the annual Boutique Design Power Players: Women Leaders in Hospitality event in Los Angeles upon successfully receiving the scholarship award.  The Network of Hospitality Industry, Inc. will pay for the scholarship recipient’s travel expenses in order to attend this event.

Application Details

The application for the $5,000 NEWH Women Leaders Scholarship can be found on the NEWH Scholarship website.  The application is quite extensive, and it includes a detailed section in which the applicant must provide a number of financial details in order to demonstrate financial need to the selection committee.  Additionally, the applicant must submit transcripts and two letters of recommendation, one from a past advisor or professor and one from a professional in the hospitality industry.  Finally, the applicant must write a thorough essay detailing career goals and objectives, justification for pursuing a hospitality career, demonstrated proof of contributions made to the applicant’s school through exceptional leadership, as well as an explanation as to why the scholarship is valuable to the applicant.  The selection panel for this scholarship is looking for an applicant who is not only committed to pursuing a career in the hospitality industry but who will be a leader in the industry and contribute long term to the wider goals of the network.

Award Amount

As the scholarship title suggests, the scholarship award is worth $5,000.  Only one scholarship is given to a successful recipient each year.

Application Deadline and How to Apply

The application deadline for the $5,000 NEWH Women Leaders Scholarship occurs each year in October.  Scholarship candidates will be able to find the scholarship application on the NEWH website when the application period opens.  After completing the application, candidates should submit it, along with all additional materials, by email to  Official transcripts can also be mailed directly to the network.  More details about the scholarship and answers to related questions can be found on the network’s website.

1,000 Dreams Scholarship

1000 Dreams Scholarship

The 1,000 Dreams Fund was created by Christie Garton, an expert on millennial marketing and college life.  Garton has dedicated her life to the overarching mission of enabling and empowering young women to pursue their collegiate and entrepreneurial dreams by providing tools for their success.  She is the founder of, a popular and useful online magazine targeted at college-aged women that was later published into a bestselling guidebook called UChic: College Girls’ Real Advice for Your First Year & Beyond.  She is also the author of several subsequent books about marketing to millennial audiences as well as the college experience as a whole.

However, Garton is not only an expert in the college lifestyle and marketing to collegiate students; she is also a fierce advocate for increasing accessibility to educational opportunities, particularly for young women.  Because of this passion, Garton created the 1,000 Dreams Fund.  The fund was designed as a “microgrant-making process” designed to make an immediate financial impact on worthy applicants with small scholarships that are easily sustainable through donations in order to impact the most amount of people long-term.  The initial goal of the 1,000 Dreams Fund, which launched in 2008, is to provide 1,000 collegiate women with $1,000 scholarships.

The 1,000 Dreams Fund allows deserving young women to apply for scholarships to break down barriers to achieving a college education, but the Fund also allows donors who value female education the opportunity to support and grow the fund in their mission to provide scholarships to as many collegiate women as possible.  While the organization’s goal was originally set at providing 1,000 college scholarships, the 1,000 Dreams Fund plans to grow in the amount of scholarships they distribute once they reach that initial milestone.  Additionally, the scholarship is designed to help both current and incoming college students with financial support.  Under Garton’s leadership, the Fund serves to recognize that too many collegiate students are inhibited from access to opportunities to encourage their professional development, like training conferences and fees for graduate school exams.  The scholarship meets these needs and enables more young women to pursue their goals without being encumbered by financial setbacks.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants for 1,000 Dreams Fund scholarships must be women enrolled in either high school or a two or four-year college/university in the United States.  Additionally, all applicants must be able to demonstrate to the scholarship selection committee that they are in financial need.

Application Details

Women hoping to apply for this scholarship must provide one or two recommendation letters from someone who can speak to the applicant’s ability to succeed at college.  All applicants must also write an essay explaining how they would use the 1,000 Dreams Fund scholarship in order to pursue their collegiate dreams that may not have been possible due to financial barriers.

Award Amount

Scholarship recipients will receive a $1,000 scholarship.  Up to five scholarships will be awarded twice per year in both the spring and the fall semesters.  Though the 1,000 Dreams Fund scholarships do not renew, the scholarship recipients are eligible to apply for the scholarship again in a subsequent semester; however, preference will be given to applicants who have never previously been awarded the scholarship.

While some scholarships specify that awarded funds must be used strictly for tuition, recipients of the 1,000 Dreams Fund scholarship may use the scholarship for any related educational fees, including conferences, textbooks, special creative instructional programs, and even fees for standardized graduate exams.

Application Deadline and How to Apply

As this scholarship award is distributed twice per year, there is a fall deadline and spring deadline.  The next upcoming deadline for the scholarship is on March 7th, and the recipient of the award will receive the scholarship for the following fall semester.  Eligible women who would like to apply and be considered for the scholarship should email and visit the 1,000 Dreams Fund scholarship website for more details.

5 Strong Scholarship

5 Strong Scholarship

The 5 Strong Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organization composed of veteran educators with several decades of experience assisting minority students to complete their high school education and become college students. The Foundation was formed with the intent to prepare promising students to join their cohorts of 5 Strong Ready Scholars so they may be placed on the campuses of Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the US. That means that the 5 scholars will be located on the same campus and will graduate together four years later. The Mission of the Foundation is to increase retention and graduation rates at Historically Black Colleges and Universities through the 5 Strong Ready Scholars who serve as positive role models and student leaders on partner campuses. The cohort of scholars will be supported “from matriculation to graduation” by the Foundation in the areas of academic, personal/social, and career development. The Foundation plans to reach this goal through consistently supporting the scholars to assure they have the academic, professional and social ability to become signature leaders in their communities on and off-campus and in the future international workforce.

The 5 Strong Scholarship Foundation promises the ultimate success of their students through a rigorous three-step selection process. The first step is The 5 Strong Leaders of the Future Application which is designed to interview and evaluate every student in a variety of settings all the way from their submission of written essays to their oral interviews. The second step is The 5 Strong College Prep Sessions (CPS). The CPS are weekly meetings meant to develop both soft and hard skill sets that will ensure the success of their future scholars. The meetings will include everything from team-building exercises and leadership skills to financial aid workshops. The third and final step is The 5 Strong Keys in Persistence (KIP) which lays out a support plan between the Foundation and their chosen scholars. The support involves a four-year track of helping students find internships and summer jobs, discussing report cards and study skills and to assist with job placement.

Students applying for The 5 Strong Scholarship must be a high school senior residing in the Metropolitan Atlanta area. Applicants will have a minimum GPA of 2.5 as well as a minimum ACT score of 19 and a minimum SAT score of 920 for verbal and math only. Candidates should be able to commit to a bi-monthly college prep session and possess excellent leadership potential. Interested students who fulfill the above criteria can access an easy online application on the Foundation’s website. The application requests basic biographical information, intended major and favorite subjects taken during high school. There is also a request for students to provide a casual resume of activities and a section for community service. Although the parts both appear to invite short responses, it is advised to take time filling out those sections as sincerely and thoroughly as possible since this is the first section of the eligibility process. The scholarship deadline is December 31, 2016.

Secular Student Activist Scholarship

 Secular Student Activist Scholarship

The Secular Student Alliance (SSA), a grassroots movement first began in 1996 when concerned students realized that there was an apparent need for young people to assert their non-secular rights and needs. The Council for Secular Humanism helped the students found the Campus Forethought Alliance and also went on to govern it.  In April of 2000 after a period of organization, growth, and expansion, the Campus Forethought Alliance became independent from The Council for Secular Humanism in order to reach new audiences. Subsequently, with its advancement of science, reason and free inquiry. The Council for Secular Humanism gained momentum and joined the Coalition of the Community of Reason which later became the Secular Coalition of America (SCA). The SSA also developed close ties with other key organizations such as the Institute for Humanist Studies, American Humanist Association, Atheist Alliance International, American Atheists, Internet Infidels, International Humanist and the Ethical Union, Gay and Lesbian Atheist and Humanist Alliance.

Following several more years of growth and promotion through its annual conferences, SSA began receiving national attention for their 2001 conference called Kicking Ass for the New Enlightenment, as well as the following year’s conference in 2002 called Education Against Indoctrination which featured a debate about the wording of America’s Pledge of Allegiance. The next year, SSA hired its first official full-time Campus Organizer.

The Secular Student Alliance offers four $2,500 and five $1,000 scholarships for secular student activists. The scholarships are reserved for undergraduate or graduate SSA student members who are enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university in the US. One of the $1,000 scholarships is reserved specifically for an SSA member who is attending a Historically Black College or University. Additionally, the Humanists of Sarasota Bay offers one $1,000 scholarship for members in Tampa, Fort Meyers, or Orlando. Applicants should submit an online application on which they should be prepared to discuss their educational background/goals and career/life goals, explain the manifestation of their secular identity, why their work with SSA is important, and a detailed history of secular activism in which the student has participated. The explanation should not be a simple list or resume of activities. Activism that is undertaken in a group setting should be explained from the point of view of the applicant’s involvement.

What exact activities were performed as an individual and how those activities helped to advance the group’s efforts. Also, a detailed explanation of any activism planned for the upcoming year as well as the project timeline. The committee would also like to know of any Intersectional Activism experiences. Intersectional Activism means that the activist has used their secular identity and values to work with causes that are not centered on secularism. Some examples provided by SSA are radical justice, feminism, interfaith, and environmentalism among others. Students should articulate their goals as they relate to the Secular Alliance’s Mission and Vision for a more secular and humanistic future and how the scholarship will help the candidate reach his or her goals. The scholarship deadline is September 30, 2016. You can find more information online.

Cancer for College Scholarship

Cancer for College Scholarship

Cancer For College, a non-profit started as Craig Pollard’s business course project during his senior year at the University of Southern California had its actual beginnings when Craig was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 15. Having successfully beaten it while continuing to play baseball, his beloved pastime, Craig went on to earn a merit scholarship to the University of Southern California and signed a letter of intent to play for the renowned Trojan baseball program. He also met his future wife Stacy and was poised to take on life. Sadly, at the age of 19, cancer returned to Craig. His dreams and plans were thwarted while he was forced to stay in the hospital for treatment. After receiving a bone marrow transplant, he recovered fully from cancer and went on to participate in life. He began to realize however that nothing was the same for him and he decided after hitting one last ball over the fence during baseball practice one day that he needed to do something more fulfilling. It was at that time that Craig Pollard embarked on his personal journey to somehow help other survivors and those who currently have cancer. He served as a counselor at Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times and discovered that he was able to connect to children in ways that he never imagined. His life story would give children hope that there is life after cancer.

During his time of volunteering and working with patients and survivors, he came to realize that families in their desperation to save their child were using every last penny on cancer drugs and treatments both traditional and experimental that insurances would not cover. Craig combined his experiences with his newly acquired business knowledge, and it was at this moment that he decided to write the business plan which became Cancer for College. The officials at the college were quite impressed and encouraged him with special recognition and honors and some donated money to the Foundation. He organized the first gold tournament and barbecue in his backyard in 1993. Shortly after that moment, the very first scholarship for $500 was awarded from the Cancer for College Fund. Since that moment, Craig and Stacy got married. Will Ferrell, the famous actor and one of Craig’s fraternity brother has made Cancer for College one of his primary charities. Will and his wife became and remain very involved in the promotion and success of the Fund which as of today has awarded over $2 million in scholarship to 1,000 cancer survivors.

The Cancer For College General Scholarship offers awards ranging from $1,000 -$5,000 to students who are enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university in the US. Interested students should submit an online application, the parent’s most recent tax returns, the applicant’s tax returns or proof of any income, a letter of good standing from the University of attendance, two years of academic transcripts which can be a combination of high school and college. Also, a diagnosis letter from the attending physician, two letters of recommendation and documentation of the total cost of tuition. The scholarship deadline is January 31, 2017.

Government Professional Development Scholarship

Government Professional Development Scholarship

The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA), an association of more than 18,000 members of federal, state and local finance officials who have chosen a career in public planning, financing, and implementing government operations throughout the US and Canada. The Association, founded in 1906, is composed of an 18 member elected Executive Board which oversees seven active committees populated by 25 members of the Association. According to the scholarship description, the seven committees are in the areas of accounting, auditing, and financial reporting, budgeting and financial policies, debt management, economic development and capital planning, pension and employee benefits administration, treasury and investment management and Canadian issues. The Executive Board with its committees set forth a mission to advance excellence in state and local government management. Additionally, the Association provides its membership with support around the areas of best practice guidance, consulting, networking opportunities, publications including online resources, recognition programs and training opportunities for individuals the public finance field.

GOFA also accepts applications for ten-week flexible internships during which students will work between 20 and 30 hours each week out of the Chicago office. The internship provides students with networking, researching and development possibilities in the areas of public policy analysis, financial indicator analysis, revenue forecasting, school budgeting, debt administration and public-sector transparency. In addition to the paid internships, GOFA offers the Government Finance Professional Development Scholarship to four deserving students who have had at least two solid years of employment in the field of public finance.

The Government Finance Professional Development Scholarship is a $9,000 award available to students who are the children of state or local government employees and who are planning to enroll part-time in a graduate program in public administration, government accounting, finance, economics, or business administration. The intended degree must prepare the student for a career in state and local government finance. Applicants must have a baccalaureate degree and be a citizen of the US or Canada.  Any students who are prior recipients of the scholarship are not eligible. Students should submit a completed application and a proposal statement of a career path in state and local government finance. Candidates are required to submit an employment resume and both undergraduate and graduate academic transcripts with a detailed explanation about how the courses taken added to the value and strength of the degree earned and how they will promote success in future career undertakings. Recommendations by academic advisors or dean to the graduate program are required as well as an employer recommendation. All documents must be submitted on a single occasion and will not be accepted at a later date to complete the application.

The applications are reviewed by the Government Finance Officers Association Scholarship Committee who will select four recipients.  Winners are issued invitations to attend May’s annual conference in Toronto where the awards will be presented. Additionally, recipients will be given complimentary annual conference and transportation costs as well as the cost of accommodations. The award announcement will take place April 21, 2017. The scholarship deadline is February 10, 2017. You can find more information here: