Haymarket Gallery Emerging Artists Scholarship

The Lincoln Community Foundation is a grant funder in Lincoln, Nebraska dedicated to managing financial donations to support community programs, projects, and organizations.  The Foundation manages the collection of financial gifts, both high-level and low-level, and manages the distribution of those financial gifts to charitable organizations within the community working towards the overall success of Lincoln.  The Foundation manages over $100 million to support these local organizations.

In addition to their roles as grant funders, the Lincoln Community Foundation also supports the community of Lincoln in many other ways, including providing resources and pertinent research to support nonprofit management as well as offering several scholarships for students hoping to receive a college education.  In 2016, the Lincoln Community Foundation managed over 70 scholarship opportunities that were received by 227 students in the Lincoln area.  These scholarship awards total over $325,000.

One such scholarship is the Haymarket Gallery Emerging Artists Scholarship.  Haymarket is a unique and historic market square area in Lincoln, Nebraska that provides the city and community with excellent local shopping, dining, and tourism opportunities.  Art is an essential piece to Haymarket’s history and vision.  Featured in Haymarket is the Burkhold Art Studio & Galleries, also known as the Burkholder Project.  This project is a collection of 36 art and design studios in Haymarket spread across loft apartments and three levels of galleries.  All the spaces are connected by an atrium, and those visiting can enjoy looking at the process behind the pieces in the artist studios as well as finished products in the galleries.  Because art is such a central and unique part to Haymarket and the Lincoln community, the Haymarket Gallery Emerging Artists Scholarship is a way for the community to support up-and-coming talent and artists who will eventually contribute to the community’s artistic diversity after receiving their arts education.

Eligibility Requirements

Those interested in applying for the Haymarket Gallery Emerging Artists Scholarship must be a current graduating senior or undergraduate student.  Additionally, the student must be attending a public or private high school in Lincoln or Lancaster County, Nebraska or a current college in either of the previously mentioned counties in Nebraska.  Applicants must also be U.S. citizens.  A final eligibility requirement is that those interested in applying for this scholarship must plan to enroll or must currently be enrolled in an accredited art program at a qualifying institution of higher education.

Application Details

Those applicants who fit the above eligibility requirements for the Haymarket Gallery Emerging Artists Scholarships will need to submit an online application.  Applicants will also need to submit a letter of recommendation from someone who can speak to their artistic abilities and potential.  Finally, applicants should include three 4 x 6 inch photos of their recent works of art.  If possible, these photographs should feature three different works of art.  An explanation of each included photograph is required, and applicants should be sure to include the title and a description of the piece as well as an explanation of what medium they used to create the piece and the actual size of the piece.

Those judging the applications also require the applicant to submit a statement that explains how they were inspired to create the artistic pieces they are submitting for the scholarship, including the overall conceptual vision of the projects and the personal meaning and connection to the applicant.

Award Amount

The winner of the Haymarket Gallery Emerging Artists Scholarship will receive a $450 scholarship to use towards their artistic education endeavors.  This award is non-renewable.  There will be one winner of this scholarship each year.

Application Deadline and How to Apply

Applications for the Haymarket Gallery Emerging Artists Scholarship will open along with the other approximately 70 scholarships that are managed by the Lincoln Community Foundation in January 2017.  Scholarship guidelines and details as well as deadlines will be available on the Lincoln Community Foundation website.

Bird Dog Foundation Essay Scholarship


The Bird Dog Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that celebrates the historic past of sporting dogs and their owners as well as promoting wildlife conservation.  They maintain several unique projects and museum spaces, including the National Bird Dog Museum for Pointing Dogs, Retrievers, and Spaniels, which features historic artifacts from sporting dogs and their owners; the Field Trial Hall of Fame which honors those sporting dogs and their owners who have made major and important contributions to the sport; and the Wildlife Heritage Center, which educates the public about conservation related to game birds and waterfowl.  The Bird Dog Foundation also maintains an annual scholarship essay contest which encourages applicants to better study and understand wildlife conservation.  This scholarship is an excellent opportunity for the organization to not only promote their mission, but also support local community students in need of financial assistance to attend college.

Eligibility Requirements

Those interested in applying for this scholarship must be high school seniors who will be entering their first year of college.  Additionally, applicants must be residents of either Tennessee, Mississippi, or Arkansas.  This further aligns with the organization’s mission to impact local members of their community as the Bird Dog Foundation works primarily in Grand Junction, Tennessee.  Relatives of any employees or officials within the Bird Dog Foundation are not eligible to apply for the scholarship opportunity.

As this scholarship is only open to high school seniors as well as those residing in only three states, this is an excellent scholarship opportunity as there is likely to be much less competition and applicants.  Applicants who fit the eligibility criteria have a very good chance of winning the award if they pay attention to the mission of the organization and the guidelines they set forth for the scholarship competition rules.

Application Details

The Bird Dog Foundation’s scholarship opportunity is an essay contest.  Those applicants interested in applying must write an essay of 900 to 1,000 words.  Applicants may choose to write about any of the topics provided by the Bird Dog Foundation; the available topics are varied, so applicants are certain to find something that inspires them, but are all related to wildlife conservation and the work of the Foundation.  Examples include the conservation of natural resources, hunter’s ethics and safety, preservation vs. conservation of wildlife, and the role of hunters and fishermen in conversation.

The Bird Dog Foundation has an outside panel of judges to select the winner from the submitted essays.  Judges will utilize a number of criteria in order to pick a winner of the scholarship competition, including how much research the applicant completed, the quality of their essay content, grammar and writing skills, and how well they adhered to the essay requirements.

Award Amount

The first-place winner of the Bird Dog Foundation scholarship will receive a generous $1,500 scholarship to use towards their college tuition.  The award will be sent directly to the college or university that the applicant will be attending.  An additional second place winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship.  In addition to these generous scholarship amounts, the winners will also be required to attend an award ceremony to celebrate their scholarship.  The award ceremony takes place at the Bird Dog Foundation Museum in Tennessee.

Application Deadline and How to Apply

Applications for the Bird Dog Foundation’s annual essay contest are due on April 15th each year before midnight.  Those interested in applying can submit their applications by mail or email, but they must be postmarked by the deadline.  Applicants need to include a cover sheet along with their essays that shares the essay’s title, their mailing address, email and telephone contact information, the name and contact information of their high school, and the date in which they wrote the essay.  If applicants decide to mail their applications, the organization will request that they submit an emailed essay at some point before the final judging begins.

American Legion Baseball Scholarship


The American Legion, the largest wartime veterans organization, was created by the United States Congress in 1919.  The Legion is dedicated to continuing a number of unique and diverse programming strains that seek to encourage nationwide patriotism, support for veterans, and impacting communities.  One of their most successful and well-known programs is the American Legion Baseball program.  This was created in 1925 as a way to encourage sportsmanship and an active lifestyle, and it has grown and expanded into a national hallmark surrounding the beloved game of baseball.

Now, the American Legion sponsors a number of baseball teams for children and teens around the country in which over 80,000 young people participate.  They also offer continued, unofficial support of Major League Baseball as many MLB players started on American Legion-sponsored teams.  Because of the Legion’s historic relationship and love for the game of baseball, the organization created the American Legion Baseball Scholarship in order to help young people to fund their collegiate dreams.  The scholarship is funded by Diamond Sports, which is also the official baseball used for all American Legion national tournaments.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants for the American Legion Baseball scholarship must be high school graduates.  Additionally, they must have a connection to American Legion Baseball, appearing both on the current American Legion National Baseball roster that is filed with the Legion headquarters as well as on an American Legion post-affiliated baseball team.  Applicants must also be nominated from a team manager or head coach of an American Legion-affiliated team.

The selection committee for the American Legion Baseball Scholarship are looking for those candidates who exemplify American Legion values of patriotism and a commitment to community service.  While applicants for the scholarship must be part of an American Legion baseball team, it is also very important that they have a history of community service and leadership and giving back in ways that can be demonstrated in their scholarship application.  In addition to community service, scholarship applicants need to provide detailed information about their involvement in high school, including all activities, leadership positions, academic success, and honors and awards. Candidates should also be able to show the selection committee that they are in financial need and that their family needs assistance in supporting their collegiate education.

Application Details

In addition to the clear eligibility requirements, candidates must submit quite a thorough application in order to apply for the scholarship.  The application must be submitted with high school transcripts as well as three letters of recommendation.  The requirements for those who can write letters of recommendation for an applicant differ from many other scholarship applications.  One recommendation must come from a leader in the candidate’s community.  This community leader could be one of the applicant’s teachers, a principal, a church leader, or someone in a similar role.  Two additional recommendations are required from those connected to the American Legion, including one from the applicant’s coach or team manager of the American Legion Baseball team in which they are participating and another recommendation from a post commander or adjutant of the American Legion itself.

The application itself also requires the applicant to answer a number of essay questions, including those about collegiate and career goals and interests, details on community service and leadership, and a demonstration of financial need.

Award Amount

Each department headquarters of the American Legion selects a winner for scholarships of at least $500.  The candidates who win these scholarships, however, are also submitted to be considered for The American Legion All-Academic Team Scholarship.  In 2016, eight of these nominated candidates received an additional $2,500 scholarship while a ninth outstanding applicant received an additional $5,000 scholarship.  Total award amounts can vary each year depending on interest and funding support, but in 2016, $22,000 in scholarship money was awarded to deserving applicants.

Application Deadline and How to Apply

The American Legion Baseball Scholarship application can be downloaded online.  The application is always due in July and scholarship award amounts are distributed to the winners at the start of the semester.


Advocacy in Action Video Contest Scholarship


The Center for Effective Government was an organization dedicated to ensuring governmental transparency.  They created reports to analyze government practices, focusing on information and access for voters to government decisions as well as issues about the overall government budget as well as taxation.  The Center for Effective Government closed in March 2016, but they passed their work to the Project on Government Oversight, a similar organization that investigates corruption in government.

The Center for Effective Government created a unique scholarship opportunity that could now potentially continue under the umbrella of the Project on Government Oversight.  The scholarship, called Advocacy in Action, was an inspired way for the Center for Effective Government to share their mission with young students.  Students applying to the scholarship were tasked with creating a video that would address the issue of one in three students in the United States attending schools within danger zones of chemical facilities, which puts them in extreme risk.

Eligibility Requirements

All students who were in 9-12 grade were eligible to apply for the Advocacy in Action competition.  Applicants were required to attend a school in the United States, but applicants could also be enrolled in a homeschool program.  The scholarship was additionally a bit unique as applicants did not need to be American citizens in order to be eligible for the award.

Application Details

Those applying for this award had to create a video submission that not only addressed the risk of children attending schools located near hazardous chemical facilities, but also provided potential solutions that could be utilized to address the issue at hand.  Applicants could choose one of two formats, including a 60-second Public Service Announcement, or a 5-7-minute documentary.  Applicants could also choose to focus on a risk of a hazardous chemical facility in their own communities, another community, or the greater national risk of this situation.

Another unique detail about this scholarship competition is that those planning to apply had the option of applying for the scholarship as an individual or as a group.  Groups could include up to five people contributing.  One person from the group had to be designated as the primary contact for the project.  Despite whether people were participating as a group or individual, applications could only be submitted once per category.

Award Amount

The scholarship competition gave three total awards in both the Public Service Announcement and documentary categories.  The first-place winner in both categories received $1,000 scholarships.  Second place received $500 and third place received $250.

If one of the groups who applied for the competition was successful, the award was sent to the primary contact who was then responsible for distributing the award amount to the other contributors in the group.

In addition to the monetary scholarship award, the winning videos were also placed on the Center for Effective Government website in order to help in the organization’s mission to call for the need for chemical safety, particularly as it relates to children in school locations near these hazardous chemicals.  The winning videos were also shared on YouTube as well as with the Environmental Protection Agency as a way to further support the cause to promote chemical safety across the nation.

Application Deadline and How to Apply

The deadline for this video contest is typically around mid-March, so if the scholarship opportunity continues under the Project of Government Oversight, it will most likely be a similar time frame.  Videos had to be uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive with the link pasted into the competition’s online submission form.  Along with the video and submission form, applicants also were required to submit a Media Waiver form for all participants and producers involved with the project, a Parental Permission Form for any participant under the age of 18, Consent Forms for anyone who was interviewed for the video, and a Works Cited list for all outside sources used during the creation of the video.

Arts for Life! Scholarship


Arts for Life! was created by Florida’s previous first lady, Mrs. Columba Bush, as a way to recognize and reward Florida high school students with exceptional artistic talents.  The program was designed to assist these students in pursuing their collegiate dreams, particularly in the arts.  Those interested in applying can receive scholarships in many artistic areas, including dance, music, drama, visual art, and creative writing.  The program has been clearly successfully; over 425 high school students in Florida have received Arts for Life! scholarships to date since the program was created in 1999.  The program now stems from the Foundation for Excellence in Education, a nonprofit created by Jeb Bush in 2007 when he was the Governor of Florida.  In order to continue the scholarship program, Arts for Life! accepts donations from generous patrons who believe in recognizing and supporting young artists.

Eligibility Requirements

Those students interested in applying for the Arts for Life! scholarship must attend school in Florida during the year they apply for the scholarship.  They can attend a public, private, virtual, or home education school program, but they must be graduating high school during the year for which they are applying for the scholarship.

Application Details

The application process for the Arts for Life! scholarships vary with the creative discipline under which candidates are applying.  All candidates must complete a full application, and they also must write an essay that explains to the selection panel how the arts have positively influenced their lives.  In addition to the essay and application, all applicants must put together a portfolio featuring samples of their work in their specific artistic discipline.  All the disciplines have different parameters for the portfolio, and these are detailed thoroughly on the scholarship website; however, all of the artistic content that candidates choose to use in their portfolio must have been created within the last year of the candidate’s application.  The portfolio requirements vary drastically; for example, musicians must provide recordings of two musical pieces whereas those applying for a creative writing scholarship must submit a certain number of pages from a sub-genre of writing, such as screenwriting, poetry, or creative nonfiction.

The scholarship program has a panel of judges for each artistic discipline who evaluate all of the applications.  Applications are evaluated based on applicant portfolios as well as their essays, and the panel will assign scores to each application.  The top scores from each artistic area receive one of the coveted Arts for Life! scholarships.

Award Amount

The Arts for Life! scholarship is awarded to 25 graduating seniors each year.  Each scholarship recipient will receive a $1,000 cash scholarship.  However, those applicants who successfully receive the scholarship and choose to attend certain colleges or universities in Florida can also benefit from a College Matching Program managed by the scholarship program.  Scholarship recipients who are admitted and choose to attend these select universities will be awarded an additional $1,000 matching award from their place of higher education.  Pieces of the portfolios of successful Arts for Life! scholarship recipients are also recognized on the scholarship program’s website, giving potential applicants an idea of the skill level the selection committee is looking for as well as further honoring and recognizing the talented recipients.

As an additional way to honor the recipients of the scholarships, the Arts for Life! program hosts an annual luncheon event.  At this event, winners can either perform or exhibit the work that enabled them to receive the scholarship.  They will also receive their scholarships at this event.

Application Deadline and How to Apply

Those interested in applying for this scholarship opportunity have between September 1st and February 1st each year to apply.  Applicants can submit all of the necessary materials for the scholarship, including the application, essay, and portfolio materials, online or via mail.  More information about the scholarship and specific requirements for each artistic discipline can be found on the Arts for Life! website.

Doodle 4 Google Scholarship Competition

Doodle 4 Google Scholarship

Google is an American company that has become a global household name since its creation in 1996, now a titan in the technology industry.  Google and its many subsidiaries offer many unique and diverse services and products, but they are particularly known for their search function, their online advertising and website analytic services, and their cloud-based email and work systems.  However, Google is also known for their creativity and the way they empower both their employees and the rest of the world.

Google consistently tops the charts as one of the best companies in the world for which someone can work, but the company specifically excels at recognizing the creative talents of up-and-coming young professionals.  One of the ways in which they support and encourage creativity in young people to help build the future exemplary Google employees who will someday lead the way in creative innovation is through their Doodle 4 Google scholarship competition.

In 1998, only two years after the organization was created, Google began to design temporary logos, called “Doodles” that would replace the name “Google” on their homepage to draw attention to certain holidays, current events, or important people.  The Doodle 4 Google competition was created to recognize fresh and unique Doodle creations from young minds across the country.

Eligibility Requirements

The Doodle 4 Google scholarship competition is open to any students who are either U.S. citizens or legal U.S. residents with proof of residence.  Students must be in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade.  Students may be enrolled in private or public schools to be eligible.  Immediate family members of Google employees are not eligible to enter the scholarship competition.

Application Details

To enter the competition, students must design and create a “doodle” using all the letters in the word “Google.”  The theme for the Doodle 4 Google competition is “what I see for the future…”, so all submitted doodle ideas must include an interpretation of the applicant’s answer to this theme idea.  Any materials may be used when creating the doodles, but doodles must be submitted in either .png or .jpg file format.

All applicants must also write a 50-word statement that will accompany their doodle design.  The statement may discuss the message or meaning of their doodle, a description of the doodle, or even an explanation of how they went about creating their doodles.  Applicants must also submit an entry form with the rest of their materials which can be found on the scholarship competition website.  Additionally, all applicants who are minors are required to have written consent from a parent or guardian for the competition.

All doodles will be judged on creativity, artistic skill, and how well the applicant discussed the competition theme of looking towards the future in both their design and their accompanying statement.  However, doodles are judged in different grade categories for fairness.  Applicants will be grouped by grades K-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, and 10-12.

Award Amount

Judges will select their favorite doodle entries from each of the 50 states as well as Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and Guam.  All the winners from these 53 states and territories will have their doodle designs featured in an online Doodle 4 Google website, and they will also receive an Android tablet.

Then, people from all over the country will be able to vote for their favorite designs.  A winner will be selected for each grade category, and these winners will be the National Finalists.  Four of the National Finalists will receive $5,000 scholarships, Android tablets, and trips to California to visit the Google Headquarters.  The solitary National Winner, however, will win a $30,000 college scholarship as well as a $50,000 Google for Education Technology Award that will be given to their school or non-profit organization.  They will also receive a trip to California to visit the Google Headquarters as well as a Chromebook and Android tablet.

Application Deadline and How to Apply

Entries are accepted for this competition from September to December each year, and winners are notified by the end of the following March.  Interested applicants should check back on the Doodle 4 Google website for dates each year as well as the entry form so they can submit their applications.

5 Strong Scholarship

5 Strong Scholarship

The 5 Strong Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organization composed of veteran educators with several decades of experience assisting minority students to complete their high school education and become college students. The Foundation was formed with the intent to prepare promising students to join their cohorts of 5 Strong Ready Scholars so they may be placed on the campuses of Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the US. That means that the 5 scholars will be located on the same campus and will graduate together four years later. The Mission of the Foundation is to increase retention and graduation rates at Historically Black Colleges and Universities through the 5 Strong Ready Scholars who serve as positive role models and student leaders on partner campuses. The cohort of scholars will be supported “from matriculation to graduation” by the Foundation in the areas of academic, personal/social, and career development. The Foundation plans to reach this goal through consistently supporting the scholars to assure they have the academic, professional and social ability to become signature leaders in their communities on and off-campus and in the future international workforce.

The 5 Strong Scholarship Foundation promises the ultimate success of their students through a rigorous three-step selection process. The first step is The 5 Strong Leaders of the Future Application which is designed to interview and evaluate every student in a variety of settings all the way from their submission of written essays to their oral interviews. The second step is The 5 Strong College Prep Sessions (CPS). The CPS are weekly meetings meant to develop both soft and hard skill sets that will ensure the success of their future scholars. The meetings will include everything from team-building exercises and leadership skills to financial aid workshops. The third and final step is The 5 Strong Keys in Persistence (KIP) which lays out a support plan between the Foundation and their chosen scholars. The support involves a four-year track of helping students find internships and summer jobs, discussing report cards and study skills and to assist with job placement.

Students applying for The 5 Strong Scholarship must be a high school senior residing in the Metropolitan Atlanta area. Applicants will have a minimum GPA of 2.5 as well as a minimum ACT score of 19 and a minimum SAT score of 920 for verbal and math only. Candidates should be able to commit to a bi-monthly college prep session and possess excellent leadership potential. Interested students who fulfill the above criteria can access an easy online application on the Foundation’s website. The application requests basic biographical information, intended major and favorite subjects taken during high school. There is also a request for students to provide a casual resume of activities and a section for community service. Although the parts both appear to invite short responses, it is advised to take time filling out those sections as sincerely and thoroughly as possible since this is the first section of the eligibility process. The scholarship deadline is December 31, 2016.

Chair Scholars Foundation College Scholarships

Chair Scholars Foundation Scholarship

Hugo Keim MD, honored by Time Magazine as one of the most prolific orthopedic surgeons in history, was the Chief of Spinal Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City where he practiced until 1992. He was famous for taking on cases and performing successful operations that so many other surgeons would not accept. In fact, in addition to his medical accomplishments, he also invented many of the tools and procedures that today’s doctors are still using. The most incredible part about Dr. Keim is that he achieved all of his life’s greatest works with sight in only one eye. At almost 80, Dr. Keim recently received a Tenacity Award for his life’s accomplishments and for persisting through an eye infection that delivered him into temporary blindness and took a year out of his medical studies.

Dr. Keim’s life changing moment arrived when he performed a medical procedure on a young woman whose spine was afflicted with scoliosis so severely that she suffered from a 90-degree curve. The Dr. managed to straighten her spine. As the story goes, he was so startled by the fact that she was 6 inches taller that he proposed marriage to her. Later, Dr. and Alicia Keim, his new wife retired to Florida where they founded The Chair Scholars Foundation. They raised funds for the purpose of awarding scholarships to wheelchair bound and other disabled students around the US. Since 1992 The Chair Scholars Foundation has awarded over 900 scholarship to students with physical disabilities because according to Dr. and Mrs. Keim, “no physical impairment should ever deter a motivated mind.” Although Dr. and Mrs. Keim have decided to scale back their foundation and begin to close out their time as independent donors as they move onto a fully retirement in their 80’s, there are two colleges still being supported into the near future.

Edinboro University in Northern Pennsylvania, a school of 8,000 students, is well known for its rigorous courses and high-tech accommodations for students with serious physical challenges. Edinboro has facilities that accommodate a broad range of conditions including a wheelchair accessible dormitory.  Interested students must be first accepted to the Edinboro University and then also to the scholarship program.

The University of Tampa in Florida, the second school where The Chair Scholars Scholarship will be maintained, also has a reputation of rigor and excellence. Interested students would also have to meet their school’s independent admissions criteria for acceptance as well as the criteria for financial aid. Both schools are funded by Dr. and Mrs. Keim, and the scholarship recipients will be receive funds only by being accepted to and attending these two universities. Recipients must move to the state to physically attend the school and live on campus. The award cannot be used for online classes. Scholarship funds cannot be transferred to other schools. The scholarship deadline is indicated on the colleges’ respective websites.

Supporting STEM Scholarship

Supporting STEM Scholarship

In response to the nation’s shortage of inventors, innovators, deep thinkers and researchers, a national combined curriculum was put forth in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to help regain our footing in the global marketplace. The US is making an effort to graduate a new generation of students who not only know information but can apply it in a practical manner in real settings. Training students to make a difference by researching information and evaluating it in a critical manner that leads to solving problems and finding solutions to dilemmas, however, big or small is at the heart of the STEM movement.

The urgency was realized with President Obama’s commitment to producing more prepared and skilled teachers in STEM areas of study and in so doing would move the entirety of our country’s educational middle in the areas of math and science to the top of the global classroom and market. Additionally, federal funds were designated to providing opportunities to encourage underrepresented individuals to pursue STEM-related majors beyond high school. Due to the advancements in technology, many businesses are heeding the call from their own businesses as well and offering scholarships to promote STEM-related opportunities that will assist the US market. HoshizakIceMaker is one of those businesses.

HoshizakIceMaker.com, owned by B&G Refrigeration presents one Supporting STEM Scholarship in the amount of $1,000. The scholarship is an effort to help America remain competitive in the areas of STEM. The award is intended to help and encourage students who are specializing in science, technology, engineering or mathematics in order to pursue a career in a related field. Applicants must be currently enrolled full-time or have proof of acceptance to an accredited four-year college or university in the US. Students may be high school seniors, or college freshman, sophomores, juniors or seniors. Candidates must also have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and have proof of full-time enrollment. HoshizakIceMaker is looking for students who have demonstrable passion and commitment to one of the STEM-related areas of study. Additionally, the Selection Committee is looking for an individual with developed leadership skills as well as strong morals. Students should complete an online application. With the application submission, candidates should provide academic transcripts with GPA and where applicable proof of a declared major in any STEM-related area. The application requires the applicant to respond to several questions with a minimum of 150-word responses.

HoshizakIceMaker advises applicants to take care developing responses to the essay questions and that the longer the responses, the better. Students are encouraged to articulate to the best of their ability their passion for all things STEM-related. The award recipients are chosen based on their ability to persuasively demonstrate their highest academic commitment and achievements as well as their leadership skills as they pertain to any STEM-related topics such as employment opportunities, research or other works paid or unpaid that relate to STEM. The Selection Committee is also interested in seeing a strong resume of volunteerism or community service. The scholarship is a one-time award given in two parts. $500 for the first semester and $500 for the second pending official transcripts. Students are able to reapply for the scholarship each year but nothing is guaranteed. The scholarship deadline is July 30, 2017.

Craft Research Fund Scholarship

Craft Research Fund Scholarship

The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design (CCCD), a nationally recognized organization originating in 1998 as a part of the University of North Carolina System is today a non-profit organization located in Asheville, North Carolina. The original goal of the organization was to integrate craft and the history of which as well as craft criticism into the college level curriculum. The CCCD was manifested from a study commissioned in the mid-90’s by HandMade in America. Through the years, CCCD has received generous donations, and although it’s been cut from the University of North Carolina due to budgetary concerns, it continues to thrive alone and is now seen as a fundamental part of incredible progress and advancements in the scholarship of American craft.

The CCCD’s mission is to promote the knowledge and understanding of craft, encourage dialogue, research and professional development of craftspeople and artists through their philanthropic generosity. CCCD provides students with invigorating financial opportunity to express their visions, practice and hone their craft, as well as develop new skills. The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design promotes knowledge-sharing activities that help develop a close-knit community of artists and craftspeople from which the outstanding advancements of The Journal of Modern Craft and Craft Research Fund Program. The CCCD states on in its mission statement that it’s the only organization serving as an impetus for research in the area of American Craft.

In aligning with the organization’s stated goals (of supporting critical issues in theory and history, exploring the interrelationship among craft, art design and contemporary culture, fostering new cross-disciplinary approaches to scholarship in the craft field in the United States, and advancing investigation of neglected questions on craft history and criticism in the US), the CCCD offers the Craft Research Fund Graduate Grant up to $5,000. The grant is intended to support students completing research for their Master’s thesis as it relates to US studio craft. The Center accepts proposals from curators, researchers, independent scholars and graduate students. All proposals must be made by US citizens. The usage of funds is stipulated for general overhead but not for capital equipment purchases or printing costs or the creation of artwork.

The grant is for research-related costs only. Proposals are reviewed by a panel of peers who are recognized craft scholars, faculty and curators. Grants are awarded to projects that are deemed to advance scholarship and knowledge of craft in the US, and when the intended timeline, expertise, and budget are well thought out and doable. All project proposals must address the goals of the Craft Research Fund. Students receiving the grant will receive 70% of the award upon signing the contract. The final 30% will be granted upon the completion. Recipients are required to provide content for at least one CCCD blog post with images as well as participate accordingly in the CCCD PR guide requirements. The scholarship deadline is September 17, 2018.