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Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Students who succeed in receiving a number of scholarships to help supplement the cost of their college tuition are successful because of their ability to find scholarship opportunities for which they are eligible.  There are countless scholarships available to incoming and current college students, and many of them are available to applicants with varying religious and ethnic backgrounds as well as special skills or involvement in certain extracurricular activities.  Applicants with Hispanic heritage will find that there are a number of scholarship opportunities available for them to apply to assist with the cost of college.

Many of these scholarships are managed through the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.  With a number of corporate partners, the organization is an incredible resource for Hispanic college students to find and receive the financial support they might need to achieve their collegiate dreams.  Though the organization hosts and shares information about a number of scholarships and their application processes on their website, they also distribute their own Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarship.

The scholarship is unique in that it is available to high school seniors entering college, current undergraduate students, and graduate students.  Additionally, students who plan to transfer from a community college to a public or private university are also eligible to apply.   Like many of the scholarships shared by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, all applicants must demonstrate that they are in financial aid according to their Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  Applicants must meet certain grade point average requirements depending on whether they are current high school or college students.  Students from any major are eligible to apply, but special consideration is given to applicants who are enrolled in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) major.  The Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarship application is due at the end of March each year, and recipients are notified if they are successful in the summer.

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund also manages the Greater Cincinnati Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarship.  This scholarship opportunity was created specifically for Latino students who live in Indiana, Kentucky, or Ohio.  It is available to both high school and college students.  High school students must be permanent residents of one of the previously listed states whereas college students, either undergraduate or graduate, must either be permanent residents or attending a college or university in one of the necessary states.

Much like the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarship, there are different grade point average requirements for high school applicants and current college applicants.  All applicants must plan to be enrolled in the college or university of their choice when they receive the scholarship.  Additionally, this is a need-based scholarship.  Applicants must demonstrate financial need according to their completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

In addition to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, there are a number of scholarship opportunities available to Latino students through the ¡Adelante! U.S. Education Leadership Fund.  This is a non-profit organization that provides support to Latino students as they work to achieve their collegiate dreams.  They have successfully awarded $1.5 million in scholarship awards to college students of Hispanic heritage.  Like many nonprofit organizations who manage scholarship opportunities, all ¡Adelante! Scholarship applications can be submitted in one place on their online scholarship portal.

An example of one of their scholarship opportunities is the Ford Motor Company/Adelante Future Leaders Scholarship.  This scholarship also awards full-time students pursuing a STEM major in college.  The scholarship opportunity is available to current college students.  Applicants must demonstrate that they have completed 30 credit hours towards their degree.  Additionally, all applicants for this particular scholarship opportunity must be able to demonstrate that they attended a high school in the San Antonio, Texas area.

Through the ¡Adelante! U.S. Education Leadership Fund, there are also a number of scholarship awards sponsored through MillerCoors.  Many of these are location-specific to where a student is attending college.  One of these scholarship opportunities is the MillerCoors Chicago Scholarship.  Eligible students will be full-time college junior or seniors attending a college or university in or around the Chicago area.  There is a list of specific majors in which the applicant must be enrolled.  All applicants must also demonstrate that they have at least a 3.0 grade point average.  The scholarship additionally requires that the applicant attend the Adelante Annual Leadership Institute which is held in San Antonio, Texas.  There are a number of scholarship awards available, each worth $3,000.

Hispanic students seeking to achieve their collegiate goals and supplement the price of college tuition should do thorough research on the opportunities available to them.  There are countless nonprofit, government, and for-profit organizations seeking to provide deserving students with financial assistance.