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Miss America Scholarship

Miss America Scholarship

Miss America is a scholarship pageant that is held every year in the United States and is open to women of ages 17 to 24. The pageant is run by the Miss America Organization and serves as a way for young women to achieve their personal and professional goals while instilling a sense a confidence and community involvement. The Miss America Organization is the leading provider of women’s scholarships in the United States and has been one of the biggest advocates for women’s success and education since its founding. Established in 1921, the Miss America pageant began as a way for Atlantic City vacationers to extend the summer season. Now, it is one of the most famous and recognizable household names in the country.

Miss America contestants donate thousands of hours in community service each year and have helped to raise over $13 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, as well as various other scholarships, since 2007. The Miss America Foundation, Inc. is a registered, non-profit organization that supports Miss America’s mission of assisting women in America pursue their educational dreams and goals. The Miss America Foundation is a stand-alone foundation that supports all women, regardless of their circumstances or backgrounds. The Miss America Foundation, along with The Miss America Organization, is the largest provider of scholarships for women in the entire nation. It proudly provides financial assistance to young women and annually distributes millions of dollars in tuition waivers and awards.

One of the scholarships available through the Miss America Foundation is the Dr. and Mrs. B. Allman Medical Scholarship. Dr. David B. Allman was a previous president of the Miss America Organization as well as a past president of the American Medical Association. His wife established a scholarship in his memory that would be granted to Miss America contestants who wished to enter the field of medicine to become medical doctors. Upon her death in 1981, Mrs. Allman contributed further to the foundation to ensure that all young women who were interested in pursuing education in the medical field could pursue their goals in this competitive and challenging field.

The Dr. and Mrs. David B. Allman Medical Scholarship is a $7,500 grant that is awarded to a lucky contestant based on a few qualifying factors. In order to be considered for this scholarship, the applicant must have competed in the Miss America system on the State, Local, or National level at some point from 2004 until the present, regardless of whether or not the title was won for that specific competition. Various requirements will be reviewed and considered, including grade point average, MCAT score, extracurricular activities, community service, household income, financial need, and level of participation within the system. All applications and required materials must be submitted by June 30th in order to qualify for this scholarship and any applications that are received after the deadline will be rejected. All winners will be notified by the end of August.