George Marshall Scholarship

By | July 5, 2016

Marshall Scholarship

George Marshall, Jr., the Nobel Peace Prize Recipient of 1953, was a top ranking statesman, highly decorated American Army General during WW II and often thought of as the most respected solider in American History only after George Washington.  Marshall began his military career as a student at the Virginia Military Institute. When he graduated in 1902 he enlisted in the U.S, Army where, as a result of WWI, he trained in modern warfare and was quickly promoted to planner of training and operations. This experience propelled him into a top position of planner and writer at the Department of War between the periods of WWI and WWII. Between 1917 and 1924, Marshall worked his way through various ranks and positions, several of which were teaching modern warfare until 1939 when he was appointed as the Army chief of staff by Franklin Roosevelt. During this period, Marshall lead the reorganization of the U.S. Army in preparation for war. After WW II, in 1945, Marshall left active duty and became Secretary of State for two years during which he helped design the Marshall Plan— a reorganizational strategy for rebuilding post-war Europe— for which he won the afore mentioned Nobel Peace Prize.

Marshall Scholarships are reserved for forty American postgraduate students planning to pursue a Master’s degree at an educational institution in the UK. Scholars must be leaders in their chosen field and in the world around them by extending their expertise from the classroom to communities though participating in activities that promote the betterment of Britain’s academic institutions in the areas of science, technology, the humanities and social sciences. Qualifying applicants must be an American Citizen who has earned a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 3.7 GPA in any program of study from an accredited 4 year American institution. There are two scholarships available. The One Year Marshall Scholarship which cannot be extended and for which the application must be completed by October of the year before the program of study commences. The Two Year Marshall Scholarship is extendable by one year only. Extensions are granted by the Scholarship Commission for very limited and sound academic reasons. Applications are submitted regionally in the U.S. where the applicant maintains primary residency and must be done also in October of the year before attendance. More information about the Marshall Scholarships can be found here.

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