Photography Scholarships

By | July 8, 2016
Photography Scholarships

If you have a passion for photography whether it’s artistic still photos, photojournalism or documentary photography, there is a scholarship or grant available to help you ease the financial burden while opening up a world of opportunities for your future. Scholarships are super and grants are a perfect way to alternatively fund your personally developed curriculum without necessarily being connected to a specific institution These real-life experiences can be the backbone to an outstanding and profitable portfolio. Here are several funding avenues for your artistic endeavors.

Getty Images

An American stock photo and film agency, Getty Images, Inc. offers over 80 million images and thousands of hours of film footage on their website. The Agency makes their photos and films accessible to the public for a small fee for usage rights on their personal or professional projects. The agency is famous for protecting artists through aggressive billing practices where by which the company sends money demands to individuals breaking the copyright laws when using artist’s images without permission. For the last ten years, Getty’s passion for photography and film has generously extended several prestigious grants intended to help artists create work that reveals important cross-cultural and social issues in today’s world.

Instagram Grant program

Three $10,000 prizes as well as mentorship opportunities are offered to individuals with a highly developed and quality Instagram portfolio. The applicant’s images will be judged on quality and the ability of their work to convey a story. Artists are also required to submit a short biography discussing themselves, their work and philosophy behind it. The award is distributed in two parts. Half of the grant money will be given after the winners are announced and the final amount upon completion of the project. Money can be used for a wide variety of causes including travel, equipment and time.

Chris Hondros Emerging Photojournalist Award

Getty Images in collaboration with Chris Hondros Fund created this award in 2012 to honor his award winning photojournalism. The importance of Chris’ well known work during conflicts across the middle east is recognized by the way it helped inform and change the way news is gathered and distributed across the globe. In that vein, a $20,000 prize is available to artists who exhibit great promise while epitomizing the work of Chris Hondros, a two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee.

Prestige Grant

A photographic competition offering two prizes of $15,000 and $7,500 to the candidate that summits the best ‘dream project’ pitch. Entrants are judged on creativity and innovation of their submission. In addition to the required name and outline expressing the parameters and purpose of their project in 500 words, a short 500 word artist biography inclusive of a description of the artist’s work is also requested. Please prepare a Moodboard referencing your project, its direction and any influences.

Getty Image Grant deadlines and award recipients are updated regularly on their website.

The Milotte Scholarship Fund

Academy Award winning couple Alfred and Elma Milotte who’s photographic beginnings in 1934 Alaska caught the eye of Disney, who commissioned them to film various wild life colonies from Alaska to Africa. These films became Disney’s True Life Adventure Series. Today, the scholarship fund wishes to provide one-year grants of up to $4,000 for individuals who express their artistic passion through nature and wilderness. A successful applicant will have a portfolio of work reflecting wilderness observation using current technology, be a high school graduate or have a G.E.D, be able to prove acceptance at a two or four year institution either undergraduate or graduate within the artistic field of study. Students must complete an application form, submit transcripts reflecting a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher and provide two letters of recommendation. Students have been a resident of Washington for at least five years. More information on the scholarship including deadlines and applications can be found here.

Hallmark Institute of Photography Presidential Scholarship

There are four $10,000 Presidential Scholarships available to students admitted to HIP. The awards are based on need, applicant’s interview and a personal essay. The 400-800 word essay should explain why the applicant wishes to pursue a career in photography and how he or she plans to excel in the chosen profession after graduation. It should be noted that it’s an expectation for the Presidential Scholarship recipients to not only contribute to their alma mater as they progress through their profession but also represent the institution in their global marketplace influences.

Scholarship deadlines are updated annually on the institution’s website. More information about the scholarship is found online.

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