Rhode Island State Scholarships

By | September 22, 2016

Rhode Island State Scholarships

FMC Ice Sports Skaters Scholarship

The FMC Ice Sports Skaters program has offered on average 22 yearly awards since 1993 to high performing students who students who have participated in recreational skating and ice sports, and demonstrated excellence of character on and off the ice. Candidates can either download and mail the completed application or submit it on online. Students will need to provide the name of the area skating arena and a resume detailing skating background as well as other extra-curricular activities including employment. Applicants have to craft a 500-word essay detailing the impact that skating has had on their personal development. Also as part of the package, send transcripts, SAT or ACT scores and a letter of recommendation from a teacher or coach. The scholarship deadline is May 15, 2017. You can find more information online.

New England Employee Benefits Council Scholarship

This scholarship program provides up to $5,000 awards to Rhode Island students who are enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education for the purpose of pursuing a career in actuarial sciences.  ERISA, legal aspects of employee benefits, pension design, and planning, family issues and employee benefit design, analysis and management all apply. Applicants must have either taken classes or worked in the area of employee benefits to be considered for the award. Candidates should submit a completed application, college transcripts, and provide at least two references from college professors, NEEBC, or other health benefits specialists for whom the applicant has worked. The scholarship deadline is April 1, 2017. You can find more information online.

New England Regional Student Program

The New England Regional Student Program offers awards averaging $7,900 a year to Rhode Island students planning to attend as accredited college or university in another state. Students may be either pursuing an Associate, Bachelors, or Graduate degree within an approved area of study. Program specific qualification booklets can be accessed on the website. There is no special application process for the program. When students declare their major on the college application, there is usually a box to check indicating that you are applying to a major within the RSP program. Otherwise, applicants should make sure this information is conveyed to the school. The scholarship deadline is updated annually on the website.

The Academic Promise Scholarship

Presented by The CollegeBoundFund and the Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority, the Academic Promise Scholarship offers scholarships to academically competitive Rhode Island seniors in financial need who are planning to enroll full-time at an accredited college or university. Awards are calculated with a formula based on the expected family contribution as determined by the FAFSA as well as SAT or ACT scores. To remain eligible for the assistance, students must maintain a minimum GPA each year. There are no degree requirements, and the award may be used for tuition, books, supplies, equipment, room, and board. The scholarship deadline is May 1, 2017.

The Rhode Island Foundation

The RI Foundation manages 150 scholarship and fellowship opportunities for students across Rhode Island, with some of the awards administered through individual institutions and organizations. The Foundation will match students up with appropriate opportunities based on the Scholarship Questionnaire that candidates are requested to complete. The scholarship deadlines vary and are individually listed within the bigger list of available scholarships on the website. You can find more information online.

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