Scholarships for Business Majors

By | June 15, 2016

Scholarships for Business Majors

If you’re a business major, chances are you are quite used to crowded classrooms and packed lecture halls. Business management and administration is one of the most popular majors at universities today, and for good reason; a business degree is one of the most versatile degrees  a young adult can graduate with. With a degree in business, you can virtually enter any field of your choosing, including but certainly not limited to accounting, finance, business management, and marketing.

The analytical, communication and teamwork skills you learn under a business curriculum are crucial to success in any job market, which leads to business majors being highly sought after by potential employers. Business majors are generally financially savvy and certainly know the importance of applying for scholarships to fund their education, so competition for the following awards will be higher than that of your average scholarship. But fear not, business majors. If you take the time to put together a professional and impressive application, you will be in the running to receive awards of anywhere from 500 to 5,000 dollars to help you finance your education.

Securities and Insurance Licensing Association Foundation Scholarship

While the Securities and Insurance Licensing Association (SILA) Foundation scholarship is not strictly for business majors, business majors and those majoring in related fields of study are encouraged to apply. You can apply for the SILA foundation scholarship if you are a US citizen or permanent resident majoring in insurance studies, finance, accounting, business administration, marketing, or education. The application process for SILA requires the submission of a signed and completed application note, a transcript, a recommendation letter, and proof of citizenship. SILA accepts applications from April 1st to May 31st each year. And every year ten recipients are chosen for a maximum award amount of $2,500.

Geico Achievement Award Program

Geico Insurance awards high achieving students in business related fields with their annual scholarship program. To be eligible, applicants must be in their sophomore or junior year of college, and they must be in strong academic standing and have proof of leadership roles on campus. At any rate, being active on campus is one of the best ways to get recognized during the selection process. Applicants must be majoring specifically in business, math, or computer science. The application deadline is February 22nd each year, and the maximum award amount is $1,000.  More details can be found here.

Marc Beaumont Scholarship Fund

The Marc Beaumont Scholarship is for a very specific group of students: those who want to combine their passion for the arts with their business knowledge. This scholarship is chosen and issued by the Academy of Arts and Sciences. Generally, recipients plan on working in entertainment post graduation with their experience in art and business. The preferred majors for applicants are business management, executive leadership, law, or finance, but the scholarship considers other majors if the student shows strong desire to work in entertainment. A minimum 3.3 GPA is required for applicants to be considered. The application must best submitted by July each year in order to be eligible for the award by Fall. Winners receive an amount of $2,500 towards their education.

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