Scholarships for Hispanic Women

By | June 15, 2016

Scholarships for Hispanic Women

There are many challenges that minority students face, especially those of Hispanic ethnicity. Getting into college, however, is becoming more accessible to this population group and is helping motivated students continue their education and obtain a degree. Hispanic students account for the largest minority of students on college campuses and are becoming increasingly less likely than other ethnic groups to have student debt, due to, in large part, the scholarships that are made available to them.

While there are many scholarships out there for minority students, we found the following that are tailored specially for Hispanic Women in order to help this thriving group succeed and achieve. There are many odds stacked against this group, but with the help of caring supporters, one of these no longer has to be lack of financial resources. Below are some examples of scholarships that are available for Hispanic women along with their descriptions and some of their eligibility requirements.

Brittany Bowers Brains and Beauty Scholarship

The Brittany Bowers Brains and Beauty Scholarship was created to provide support to motivated and ambitious young women who wish to pursue their dreams of higher education. Awarded to minority females who are seniors in high school in Nashville, this scholarship is intended to help those who are disadvantaged in reaching their full potential due to financial reasons and circumstances beyond their control. Students must be accepted into a four year university in order to be considered for selection.  Additionally, they must have evidence of community involvement during the school year.  The scholarship fund amounts to $1500 towards their education; additional information can be found here.

AWWA Holly Cornell Scholarship

The American Water Works Association and its members know the importance of investing in the future, not only by looking for the best strategies of water conservation and management, but the best ways to support students of promise, as well. The Holly Cornell Scholarship was created to honor the name of Holly, the co-founder of CH2M Hill. It is meant to encourage and support motivated young females who are looking to advance their studies in the field of water supply and treatment. This scholarship is released annually for those pursuing masters’ degrees, and it can cover up to $7500 of tuition costs. CH2M will provide travel assistance for the student who is awarded this scholarship as it is presented at the AWWA conference each year.

APA Judith McManus Price Scholarship

Judith McManus Price was an educational planner for more than 30 years and an outstanding woman who shared her talents with not only her family and friends, but her colleagues and community, as well. She faced many challenges with strength and optimism, and she is the founder of this award. This award is meant to assist women who are experiencing the same type of challenges and difficulties in their own lives.The American Planning Association Judith McManus Price Scholarship is awarded to minority women who are citizens of the United States and are enrolled in an undergraduate planning program. The planning program must be recognized by the Planning Accreditation Board. If selected, recipients receive up to $4000 in financial aid. The application process and more details can be found online.

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