Scholarships for Law Students

By | June 21, 2016

Scholarships for Law Students

Law school might not be as glamorous as portrayed in Reese Witherspoon’s cult classic “Legally Blonde,” but it definitely leads to a worthwhile career as a lawyer. A career in law is prestigious and stimulating for those interested in law and justice. Becoming a lawyer comes with prestige and respect, but it also comes with a whopping amount of student loan debt. The average tuition for one year of law school is $40,634. While you probably won’t find enough scholarships to foot that massive bill, you can definitely find some to help lessen the amount of debt you will be taking on as you pursue your JD. Listed below are scholarships for students in or about to enter into law school.

Adam Greenman Scholarship for Future Lawyers

Adam Greenman is a Portland based attorney who wants deserving, aspiring law students to pursue a law career despite their socio-economic standing. For this reason, he created a scholarship for law students. Applicants must either be in law school or entering law school in the same year they apply. Applications must be received by June 1st each year. To apply, simply email a 500-700 word essay on why you have chosen to attend law school and become an attorney to [email protected]. Applicants should include their name, phone number, email, transcript, and proof of acceptance or enrollment at their law school in their email as well. The recipient will receive a one-time award of $1,000 to be used at the educational institution of their choice.

Baumgartner Law Firm Law Student Scholarship

In order to be considered, applicants should currently be enrolled in law school or be accepted to a law school at the time of scholarship selection. The winner is chosen based on a mixture of need and a commitment to helping others. The application can be accessed on the website listed above. Applicants will be asked the following questions on the application:

  • Why do you desire this scholarship?
  • What have you done to deserve this scholarship?
  • What are your future career goals?

The deadline to apply is August 31st, 2016. The chosen recipient will receive a one-time award of $3,000 to be used towards their education.

Jenkins & Clayman Law Firm Scholarship

To be eligible for this award, students must be funding their entire law school education with student loans. They must also be a US Citizen, have a minimum 3.3 GPA, and have at least one semester of law school already completed. Applicants must complete the online application as well as submit a one page essay documenting what they plan to do with their law degree. For the application to be considered complete, applicants must also submit their transcripts and student loan lender’s name and address information. The deadline for the Jenkins & Clayman scholarship is December 31st. The chosen recipient will be awarded a one-time amount of $2,250.

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