Scholarships for Left Handed People

By | July 8, 2016

Scholarships for Left Handed People

Remember having to sit at desks with the arm rest on the wrong side? and all the spiral notebooks meant for well, not you not to mention the silver and blue hand you get from writing. Well. after a lifetime of scholastic snubs it’s now your moment of appreciation Lefties! Maybe you never thought of yourself as an important minority but with only 10% of you in the world, the results are in! You are important. Acquiring a few extra dollars toward your college dreams and goals just for being born left-handed is pretty exciting, wouldn’t you say? whether you use your now freed up money to purchase a left-handed mouse for your computer or a left-handed pair of scissors, it’s a winning situation for you lucky left-handed people. The following are two scholarship awards specifically benefiting you.

Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Left-Handed Scholarship

Juniata College, named after the Juniata River, is a selective, small and private liberal arts institution located in the rural Pennsylvania town of Huntingdon. Founded initially as the Huntingdon Normal School by cousins Andrew, Henry and John Brumbaugh in 1876, its name was later changed to Brethren Normal School to reflect the cousins’ religious affiliation with the Church of the Brethren which was one of three peace-making religions. The cousins began their co-educational instruction in a simple room over a print shop and later moved their classes to a building which is still on the present- day campus. Several years later and in accordance with the church’s ruling to not use its name, Brethren, to identify the school, it was again renamed to its current Juniata. Today, the college has grown to oversee a 110 acre facility, serving around 1600 students from across the U.S. and 45 countries. Juniata ranks 105th in the U.S. News & World Report for Liberal Arts Colleges making it a selective institution. While there are over 100  set academic programs from which students can choose, the uniqueness of Juniata lies is their true liberal arts approach of letting students work with two faculty advisors while designing their own “Program of Emphasis” -a term the college uses in place of Academic Major.

In 1979, through a generous donation of $24,000 by Frederick and Mary F. Beckley to Juniata  College, the primarily need-based Left-handed Scholarship was created. How did this very fortuitous, but odd scholarship come about? It is said that Mary and Frederick were both left-handed tennis players on the Juniata team when the coach paired them up due to their south paw attributes since playing with a right-handed majority would have just been too awkward. Mary and Frederick in their uncommonness fell in love and later were married but always remained disgruntled about this embarrassing moment and vowed to bring attention to their cause. This donation is their way of speaking up. the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Left-handed scholarship is intended to award $1,000 – $1,500, yearly, to two currently enrolled students in their sophomore, junior or senior year at Juniata. Once the student has been chosen to receive the award, the funding is usually continued throughout the remaining years of enrollment. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must be a left-handed leader, demonstrate financial need and be in good academic standing. The scholarship is only offered to returning students. Applications for the scholarship are obtained at Juniata’s Financial Aid Office.


Pickard Parry Pfau is a law firm specializing in personal injury, real estate, estate planning and family law in Henderson, Nevada. The firm gives back to the community through their annual$1,500 college scholarship.

In order to be eligible for the award applicants must be left-handed, living in the U.S., and be a high school, college or graduate student enrolling in the intended program no later than the fall semester of the year of scholarship application. Students must complete an online application. Before submission has begun, students are asked to upload a two minute humorous video onto YouTube about how being left-handed has affected their school experience.  Applications may be submitted starting September 1st. The scholarship deadline is July 31, 2016. Submissions are judged, by a the Pickard Parry and Pfau Scholarship panel, based on humor, quality and creativity. Family members of Pickard Parry Pfau Law Firm, including staff, are not eligible. You can find more information on the scholarship here.

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