US Bank Scholarship

By | July 5, 2016

US Bank Scholarship

U.S. Bank has a demonstrated interest and investment in communities and people.  They devote significant time and energy to positively impacting their customers and surrounding communities through volunteer work, giving charitably, investing in small businesses, and working towards environmental sustainability.  U.S. Bank is also committed to inspiring and enabling the community and their customers to achieve important financial milestones throughout their lives.  They seek to ensure that their customers and community members have all of the necessary tools to be financially successful through intentional education programs and resources designed to be user-friendly and free.  One such program, the Financial Genius for Life course, was designed specifically for community members and customers as a means to understanding how to become personally financially successful and sustainable.

Financial Genius for Life is an online learning program.  The program, which is free, allows viewers to take charge of their own financial journey through a series of interactive useful training videos about various financial topics.  The tutorials are designed to educate about the following topics:  Savings and Investments, Mobile Banking, Overdraft, Payment Types and Credit Cards, Credit Scores and Reports, Insurance and Taxes, Financing Higher Education and Identify Protection.  The courses also offer quizzes to test knowledge about each topic once the videos are completed.  Each tutorial is designed to take approximately 15-20 minutes.

As part of their mission to pave the way for communities filled with people with financial savvy and know-how, U.S. Bank has provided an added incentive for up-and-coming and potential college students.  Students who enroll in the Financial Genius for Life program are then also entered for the chance to win up to $20,000 in scholarship prize money from April 1, 2016 until September 30, 2016.

High school students who will be entering college, as well as current undergraduate college students who are enrolled in two or four-year universities, are eligible to enter the U.S. Bank Scholarship program.  Students must be enrolled in a college by September 1, 2016.  All eligible students who enroll in the Financial Genius for Life program will get one entry form into the scholarship sweepstakes.  Students can also receive bonus entries for each tutorial they complete in the Financial Genius course for a total of nine potential entries.  Those who do not wish to complete the Financial Genius course may also enter the scholarship competition by mail.

The contest winners will be selected at random on or around October 20, 2016.  One grand prize winner will receive a $20,000 scholarship.  The Grand Prize scholarship can be directly awarded to either the winner’s university or the winner, but the prize must be used as financial collegiate support covering tuition, books, or other related educational fees.  Five additional first prize winners will receive $5,000 scholarships.  The First Prize scholarships will be directly awarded to the colleges or universities where the winners are enrolled and must be used for tuition or related educational expenses.  Winners may be notified by phone, mail, or email approximately three days following the date of the drawing.

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